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What do you mean,"Beginning of your Months"?
What is scripture trying to tell us when it says"at the beginnings of your months". This phrase is mentioned several times in the Bible and does have significant meaning when it comes to Alohym's true cycles of time i.e. calendar. (Click on the title and download this Article)

Manna, how it fits into Alohym's time cycles.
On the 15th day of the second month, Israel murmured  against Yahuah because they where hungry and in fear of their lives. Our Creator provided a small wafer for them to eat which lasted a year. Found out the times and dates associated with this event. (Click on the title and download this Article)

From Exodus to the  Covenant: (Update Soon)
This Article has been updated and combines Part 1 & 2 for better reading. This article starts from the Exodus of the Israelite's from Ramses Egypt and ends at the day Moses returns from Mount Sinai with the tablets of Stone, the Ten Commandment. This article was researched and written to show the exact dates and times that fall on Alohym's true and accurate calendar system. This article is a must read for those wanting to get historical accuracy of when these events occurred according to the true ancient Hebrew calendar. This article coupled with the Alohym's calendar proves the accuracy only to one calendar system, Alohym's. (This Article is being updates because of new research)


Discovering the Truth about Psalms 104:9
So many Sabbath believers around the world state that Psalms 104:19 has something to do with the appointed times (Feast and Sabbaths) of Alohym, but is this the truth or is David simply giving praise our Father in Heaven for His creation? (Click on the title and download this Article)

Is the Sabbath day your End-gathing Sign?
Is the Sabbath day your end-gathering sign? This teachings touches on the facts about the Sabbath day (Old and New Testament) as well as walking in agreement with our Heavenly Father. If we are not worshiping Him on the right day are we in agreement with Him? (Click on the title and download this Article)

Did Yahusha (Christ) die at 3pm - Updated 3/20/18
Did our Messiah really die at 3pm in the afternoon hours before sunset or could it be an elaborate deception to support the lies of a false calendar? In this article you will find that Hebrew and Greek/Roman methods of counting time are different. If Messiah did die at 3pm in the afternoon as some religions teach He would have been disqualified as our Redeemer & Savior. (Click on the title and download this Article)

[This updated article includes new information about the time of Messiah's death and new graphics that better visual understanding. This article along with others will never stop being reviewed and or updated as new scriptural understanding comes forth to the ecclesia.]

The Occultic Calendar
Is the calendar that you live by filled with Occultism? As a follower of Messiah are you on His time of mans? (Click on the title and download this Article)

Alohym's New 2019-23 Calendar
This is the latest calendar revision with regard to the new placement of the Equilux and the "Day of Atonement". To understand this update, please read chapter 5 of the new research study guide. It is eye opening. Updated 4/1/19

Resource Articles


The Real Truth about the Gregorian Calendar
This article was written by "The Worlds Last Chance.com" it gives and excellent understanding of how the Julian 8 days calendar became the 7 day calendar the world observes today. The Julian/Gregorian calendar is first and foremost a Religious calendar. If this were truly Alohym's calendar the day's of the week would not shift in a seven year cycle. (Click on the title to download the Article)

The Book of Jubilee's the Witness to Enoch, "Truth of Lies"?
Is the Book of Jubilee's a Witness to the Book of Enoch? Believe it or not the cycles of time outlines in chapter 6 of Jubilee's matches Enoch calendar described in Chapter 72 in the Book of Enoch, coincidence? (Click on the title and download the Article)

The Equinox; The great Misunderstanding - Revised 5/14/18
Have you ever wondered who discovered the Equinoxes? According to History it was a Greek mathematician who discovered the procession of the Equinoxes and not our Heavenly Father. Question; where in the 66 Book canon of which most religions deem as inspired can you show me one scripture about the Equinox. Maybe it's time to research the truth of the matter, it is your life that hangs in the balance.